Wisdom Teeth

(Dr. Name or Practice) is a trusted dental practice in (city) and we are here for all of your dental needs including the procedure for wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth are the last molars that surface between the ages of 16 to 25. The cavemen probably needed extra teeth, but in modern society with the advancements of oral hygiene and changed diet, these additional teeth can become bothersome and cause other problems in the mouth. When the wisdom teeth emerge, the teeth often times remain under the gum or only partially exposed. The partial opening of the tooth is prone to infection that can cause pain and swelling to the surrounding tissue that negatively impacts your overall dental health. In rare instances, even when the wisdom tooth has not pushed through, a cyst may form in the soft tissue around the area.

Throughout evolution, our jaws have also become smaller and the extra wisdom teeth many times leave the mouth crowded while pushing the other teeth out of alignment. The wisdom teeth may become compacted in the back of the jaw that is known to cause uncomfortable jaw pain.

Wisdom TeethWisdom teeth don’t make you wiser, but we do think it is wiser to remove wisdom teeth before they start causing problems. Not everyone will have wisdom teeth and in some cases you may be able to function well without the wisdom teeth removal. If you are not sure, call us to make an appointment for an examination to see if you need wisdom teeth removal.

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