SureSmile® teeth braces is a technology for orthodontic treatment that (Dr. Name of Practice) has available for our patients in (city). The SureSmile treatment is an advanced process that applies 3D imaging to customize archwires that are placed in the brackets of the teeth braces to enable each tooth to move precisely to the prescribed position. The SureSmile teeth braces method has shown to reduce the amount of time the teeth straightening process takes by 30% or more.

SureSmile braces deliver a better outcome than the traditional approach. A conventional method of archwire development is determined from a 2D image and teeth mold. The wire is bent by hand at each appointment to make adjustments as needed to keep the teeth moving towards the prescribed position. Several visits are required for wire adjustments throughout the course of the treatment with this traditional method.

The 3D image and virtual simulation tools of the SureSmile process, allows the dentist to see each tooth position from any angle. We are able to see how the teeth fit together and view the final outcome of your teeth position. A robot constructs the precise wire fit just for the unique requirement of each patient’s prescription. The archwire is a shape memory alloy “smart wire” that applies gentle forces activated by body heat generation, moving the teeth consistently to the desired position. This “smart wire” automatically tightens the teeth, significantly reducing the number of visits that will be needed throughout the process. Most patients find SureSmile braces less painful and more convenient.

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