Pediatric Dentistry


(Dr. Name or Practice) is a children’s dentist and pediatric dental care provider of the (city) area. As a pediatric dentist, we provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for the enjoyment and comfort of children. Our professional team works together to create the best possible experience for our young patients.

Pediatric dental care is an essential for the early years as children move through many stages of teeth and jaw development. The primary teeth start emerging around 6-8 months of age and all 20 teeth are present approximately by the age of 3. Permanent teeth start coming in around the age of 6 and are fully present by the age of 14 or earlier. The last wisdom teeth frequently come in by the age of 17 for a total of 32 permanent teeth. There is a lot of growing and changing going on in the early years which is why it is important to see a children’s dentist regularly.

Child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist: The first pediatric dentist visit should take place by the first year. This is a good time to start acclimating your child to become familiar and comfortable with the pediatric dentist. The first visit establishes a pleasant experience that is associated with the dentist and atmosphere.

Importance of primary teeth: As pediatric dental professionals, we know the great necessity of healthy primary teeth. Even though these teeth will fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth in the first 5 years, having healthy “baby teeth” is important to the overall physical health of the child, and also allows the child to speak better. The health of the primary teeth also “set the stage” for the next round of teeth to arrive in the most optimal and healthy condition.


As your child progresses throughout the pediatric dental phases, we are here to monitor the growth and development while educating our little patients and parents to maintain excellent dental health. We emphasize preventative care through promoting good eating habits, good hygiene habits, and routine checkups including dental cleanings. Consistent children’s dental care will get your child off to the right start to healthy teeth and habits that will be carried on for a lifetime. Call our office today to make an appointment with our children’s dentist.

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