Dental Exam

As your family dental care provider, (Dr. Name or Practice name) strongly believes that routine dental exams are a vital part of the dental and physical health for our (city) patients. The first time you visit our dental office, a comprehensive dental exam that is performed by the dentist to obtain a good understanding of your unique dental care requirements. A thorough assessment is needed to uncover any undetected dental decay, dental gum infection, dental diseases that can cause dangers physical problems such as oral cancer, and to assess any restorative procedures that will need to be preformed. Compromised oral health has also been linked to possible heart problems as well. There are many reasons to get routine dental exams. As your dental care provider, we can help keep your whole family living a vibrant and healthy life by implementing consistent dental exams. Detecting dental problems early on can save time, money, and protect your health.

Dental examination processes:

• The dentist will exam diagnostics performed from X-rays to detect decay, bone loss, tumors, and cysts. The dental X-rays allow us to see any abnormalities of the tooth, position of the teeth, and the teeth roots.

• We exam any current restorative dental work (tooth crowns and fillings, and other applied tooth restorations) for any damage or loose applications.

• All teeth surfaces will be inspected for any additional signs of decay using special tools.

• A gum disease evaluation is conducted as well looking for any other periodontal disease.

• We conduct a screening for oral cancer. This also involves inspecting the tongue, face, throat, neck, lips, and gums.

Routine professional dental cleaning,is a vital part of maintaining excellent dental health. The teeth cleaning is typically carried out by one of our highly trained and certified dental hygienists. The teeth cleaning will entail the cleaning away of hardened tartar and removing bacteria causing plaque, followed by a teeth polishing.

Dental ExamProfessional dental cleanings prevent cavities and gum disease as well as protect you from other dental menaces that lurk in the mouth. As your dentist, we are concerned about keeping you healthy now to avoid big and expensive problems later. Schedule your dental exam today.

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